In air transport, unmanned flying systems (drones) are being developed. In the future, drones can be used for the delivery of goods, for inspections, and for security. For these purposes, drones can be a faster, cheaper, and more environmentally friendly alternative to other means of transport. The market needs some (regulatory) leeway for the development of drone technology and applications. First of all, tests will have to be done to see how drones can be integrated with air traffic, so that flying will be both safe and autonomous.

DroneHub Groningen Airport Eelde
DroneHub Groningen Airport Eelde (GAE) is the knowledge-, innovation-, and development center for drones with civil applications. Businesses, knowledge institutions, and public authorities work together to develop and facilitate drone businesses and explore innovative solutions. The aim is to remove obstacles for drone applications by safely integrating drones in the airspace. This will create jobs.

Testing environment
No innovation comes about just like that. The constant validation of innovations and developments requires the possibility to test them in practice. Now DroneHub GAE offers the unique possibility of working in a conditioned indoor environment. At Groningen Airport Eelde, the DroneHub GAE has a hangar at its disposal for this purpose.

Solutions for the future
In collaboration with its partners, DroneHub GAE works on future-oriented solutions for the agricultural sector, logistics, security, inspections, management, and maintenance. In addition, DroneHub GAE offers development space for the safe integration of unmanned aviation while dealing with issues such as flight control, ICT, training programs, and privacy.

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