In 2016 local authorities of the Provinces of Groningen, Fryslân and Drenthe have signed a letter of intent regarding the exploration of possible options for implementing autonomous transportation as a means of preserving and improving the accessibility and liveability in Northern Netherlands’ shrinking rural areas and sparsely populated regions. This has subsequently evolved into an official collaborative alliance: @north (Autonomous Transport North Netherlands)

Together we are working towards the following objective:

“we are working towards the implementation of autonomous transportation for all modalities within the regular mobility system, which will contribute to the accessibility and liveability of both urban as well as rural areas in the Northern Netherlands. We will create a new system more robust and versatile by applying the latest developments in the field of autonomous transportation. This involves technical land legal aspects as well as matters in which our region excels and distincts itself such as certification, (social) acceptation, insurance and business cases. Our aim is to become the European Hub for autonomous transportation”

Through our collaboration we subscribe our commitment to the implementation of autonomous transportation in our region. We regard this as a desirable and meaningful development. Step-by-step we are jointly moving forward towards autonomous transportation. Safety and sustainability however remain paramount.