Autonomous small bus tested at Zernike Campus

It doesn’t have a steering wheel and nobody needs to push the gas pedal either. At the Zernike Campus an autonomous small bus is currently being tested.“The Province of Groningen commissioned this assignment”, Peter Rake of 5Groningen tells. “The small bus was built in France, yet equipped with camera technology provided by a company based in the small town of Bedum in the Province of Groningen. What we’re doing here at 5G is researching whether camera surveillance will add a little extra safety to the bus, thus allowing it to perform even better.”


The small bus, which has the capacity of transporting 12 passengers is currently being tested in a confined area. “It isn’t permitted yet to drive this bus on public roads, so we are testing it now on a testing track around our own building. The next step will be to deploy the bus as a shuttle between the bus station and the entrance of the Ommelander Hospital in the town of Scheemda in the Province of Groningen. Eventually it is the intention to implement the bus for public transport purposes in order to preserve bus services in sparsely populated areas.

Source: Oog TV

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