Autonoom vervoer Zernike - @North








At Eemshaven, self-driving minibuses from various suppliers are tested at a closed-off testing track. The tests include the use of object recognition and driving under varying weather conditions. By means of a simulator, new tests are prepared and different traffic situations can be simulated. This speeds up the development of the vehicles considerably so that fewer test-drives have to be done in practice. The vehicle supplied by EasyMile, the EZ10, is the first vehicle tested at Eemshaven in 2017. In 2018, the French company NAVYA will follow, and there will probably be one more vehicle from some a different supplier. Alongside this, tests with a new vehicle from EasyMile will continue, and we will explore the possibility of having a route for passengers that connects with the railway station at Eemshaven (to be opened in April 2018) and with the ferry service to Borkum.