Extra-long masterclass on 5G and the automotive industry

On 5 March 2020 5Groningen – together with the Hanze University of Applied Sciences and the University of Groningen – hosted an extra-long masterclass on 5G and the automotive industry. It took place in DOT Groningen. 


Over 100 visitors listened to Peter de Voogd of the Ericsson Company taking us on a trip through the automotive world – in the context of cars as a communication platform in connection to 5G. Nynke Vellinga of University of Groningen, who recently received her doctoral degree, shared her knowhow on the legal framework regarding autonomous transportation. A revelation for many of us! The third speaker – Marc de Bruin of the RDW (the Netherlands Vehicle Authority) – managed to captivate the audience as well. While the RDW is closely following all developments regarding self-driving, it is also contributing in this field itself. Together with students it is developing knowhow regarding self-driving vehicles – that is in relation to ICT, as well as in the field of security, legislation and legal matters.

As icing on the cake the audience was offered footage of Max Verstappen on the TT Circuit, of self-driving cars and of the Polar Lights, all featured in the DOME of DOT Groningen. The masterclass+ ended with a network reception.

Please check an account and all pictures of this event here: Digital Society Hub


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