Ommelander Hospital in Scheemda


OZG Scheemda





In Scheemda, the new ‘OZG’ hospital was opened in June 2018. The main entrance to the hospital is at a considerable distance from the nearest bus stop (approx. 1.5 km). Starting on august 6th , a self-driving vehicle will be driving there. This minibus will have a shuttle service for the transport of passengers between the bus stop and the main entrance. Possibly, an extra bus stop will be constructed at the end of the hospital’s parking lot.

The test will continue for at least six months. If the test is successful, the minibus is expected to play a permanent part in making the hospital accessible by public transport. In a next phase, we are planning to extend the route to the town center and eventually to the railway station at Scheemda (approx. 4.5 km).