Developing/testing autonomous inspection by ROV (under water)


Omgeving Eemshaven





This project aims to develop a small ROV (a Remotely Operated Vehicle – commonly called a underwater robot), which will undergo a pre-programmed test regarding its capability to conduct under water activities such as inspection, detection and repairs to under water structures. At present ROV’s are manually controlled on site. The challenges here are connectivity (preferably cordless), data processing during inspections and safety issues. The project is considered to be a success if we succeed to conduct a test in the Eemshaven based on the above mentioned conditions. The market possibilities and interest is considerable due to the limited use of materials and personnel, all resulting in huge cost savings. This project is financed and supported by the OWIC partners. The Offshore Wind Innovation Centre (OWIC) in Eemshaven is an information, training and innovation centre aimed at companies and knowledge institutions involved in offshore wind energy.

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