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The Northern Netherlands are the perfect Dutch region for testing shuttles and other self-driving vehicles in rural areas. Precisely in this region steps can be quickly taken development-wise, while it also represents an area which can benefit most and thus has the greatest demand for autonomous transportation on the road. In order to accelerate this rural development, the region aims to point to as many interested parties as possible the opportunities in the Northern Netherlands as well as to have them jointly collaborate in their efforts. Thus allowing a faster trajectory towards upscaling and projects which are to become a structural part of the whole mobility system.

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In order to integrate autonomous transportation into our existing public transportation system a joint strategy has been outlined by the central government and regions in the Toekomstbeeld OV 2040 (Public Transport in 2040 – Outlines of a vision for the future). In this document autonomous shuttles are specifically highlighted as well as the significant potential of Northern Netherland’s rural areas in developing this vision. Within our projects, we are – among others – focussing on enhancing the speed and development of business cases.

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