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The perfect region for autonomous transportation

The Provinces of Drenthe, Fryslân and Groningen regard autonomous transportation as a means of preserving and improving accessibility and liveability in their shrinking regions. The provinces work together with the aim of becoming the key (pilot) region for autonomous transportation. They call on transport providers, manufacturers and knowledge institutes to come up with affordable, smart, flexible and sustainable concepts in the field of autonomous transportation.

Space and support

The three provinces offer space and support to transport providers, manufacturers and knowledge institutes in trying to find solutions for certain challenges. such as door-to-door transport (‘last mile’), healthcare, tourism/leisure, improved mobility of the disabled persons, the elderly, children or, indeed, rush-hour connection with trains, parcel delivery by drones or piloting ships. Other objectives are exploring ways to strengthen and stimulate the economic structure and activity of the Northern Netherlands.

Why opt for the Northern Netherlands?

The Provinces of Groningen, Drenthe and Fryslân jointly constitute a ‘living lab’ of over 11,000 km2 with a population of nearly 2 million, which is as many as, for example, the cities of Amsterdam, The Hague and Utrecht put together. The three provinces offer AT projects plenty of – literally – working space as well as opportunities to conduct all kinds of specific pilots. In this, they are prepared to take a flexible position and thereby facilitate innovative projects. The Northern Netherlands offers a peaceful and safe environment for the development and testing of concepts in both urban and rural areas. Subsequently, the concepts can also be applied elsewhere in similar situations.

Doel van het initiatief om binnen tien jaar te komen tot diverse en duurzame vormen van autonoom vervoer, die beschikbaar zijn via een app. Dit vervoer biedt bewoners van de regio maximale vrijheid om in Noord-Nederland te wonen, te werken en ondernemen. Hiervoor worden de komende jaren verschillende testen uitgevoerd.

Autonoom vervoer Zernike - @North


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