Project Fieldlab: Zernike/Hive mobility

  • Drone Delivery and Hydrogen

    This project consists of further developing the current Acecore NOA drone as well as testing different collection and delivery options (box, locker, winch). A follow-up Hydrogen drone is to be operational by 2022 and a bigger one capable of carrying a larger payload by 2023. A control room as well as a registration or activation…

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    The robotTUNER company, the Province of Groningen and Metropool Regio Den Haag Rotterdam (MRDH) are the initiators of the COLUMBUSS project (COnnected Level 5 UnManned BUSSes). Automating and letting electric PT busses drive autonomously via an open source auto pilot are key in this project. There have been experiments with a microbus for 2 people,…

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  • Sensor configurator

    Just like human beings autonomous vehicles need to orientate themselves. This happens via sensors allowing a vehicle to know where it is and thus orientate itself. This information determines the speed and route a vehicle chooses. The sensors therefore need to be highly accurate and frequent: the tiniest inaccuracies can have severe or even fatal…

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  • Autonomous Transportation Lab (AT-Lab)

    For the purpose of testing autonomous road transportation the robotTUNER company has developed a safe experimental environment based on a Renault Twizy. The Twizy is automatised (aka drive-by-wire) and connected to Green Dino driving simulation software, thus creating a so-called Digital Twin (a digital replica of an industrial process). The first field experiment with the…

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  • Open source platform autonomous transportation

    The robotTUNER company has been commissioned by @north to develop an open source platform for developing, testing, certifying and monitoring autonomous means of transportation. The main objective here is the development of an automated certifying system, a vehicle examiner. An open system for certification offers all parties involved a firm footing and guidance and can…

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  • Bourtange

    In Bourtange, we are planning to transport visitors, school children, and possibly also packages from the parking lots outside the fortified town to the centre of the fortress, through to the parking lot on the other side. If possible, we will also drive on to the elementary school just outside the fortress.

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    Zelfrijdende bus Eemshaven - @North