Open source platform autonomous transportation





The robotTUNER company has been commissioned by @north to develop an open source platform for developing, testing, certifying and monitoring autonomous means of transportation. The main objective here is the development of an automated certifying system, a vehicle examiner. An open system for certification offers all parties involved a firm footing and guidance and can also accelerate research, development, legislation, organisation and use of autonomous transportation. During the development process, all certification requirements are met which also apply to human drivers. @north aims to use the open source platform for all modalities thus allowing easier inter-modality transfer of freight or passengers. The development of the open source platform is co-funded via the AVLM programme of the Metropool Regio Rotterdam Den Haag as well as via the Nationaal Programma Groningen.

Dit project wordt mede mogelijk gemaakt door

Development started in 2017 and has no end date. Additional funding is being sought from Horizon Europe, among others.