Experimental Garden for Precision Farming in Valthermond







Big Data, robotics, drones and sensors … Everywhere one seems to read and hear about the endless range of tools available to farmers these days. Apparently the options are plenty, but what do they bring you? Where to learn (about) them? And above all, how to apply them in practice? Farmers already have a lot of knowledge of (cultivation) products and applications themselves. So, it isn’t always clear whether or how these new technologies and innovations will actually be of added value to them. New techniques should be able to be employed faster in order to keep agriculture competitive and more sustainable. At the Valthermond test farm the latest agricultural data collection techniques are developed and tested. AVEBE, LTO and ‘Agenda voor de Veenkoloniën’ are closely collaborating with DroneHub GAE in the field of specific drone applications for precision farming.

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