Qbuzz aan de Koningsweg





The robotTUNER company, the Province of Groningen and Metropool Regio Den Haag Rotterdam (MRDH) are the initiators of the COLUMBUSS project (COnnected Level 5 UnManned BUSSes). Automating and letting electric PT busses drive autonomously via an open source auto pilot are key in this project. There have been experiments with a microbus for 2 people, a mini-bus for 6-8 people and a macro bus for over 20 people. The first phase involves driving around on bus depots without an operator. This takes place at low speeds. At these bus depots busses are autonomously parked, loaded and washed. In 2022 the Groningen experiments are to be held at the Qbuzz bus depot at the Koningsweg. The intention is to have busses driving on public roads by 2023 under supervision of a bus driver (SAE – Society of Automotive Engineers – Level 3) in compliance with the Exceptional Transport (Exemptions) Decree. If this goes well, the project partners are aiming to implement driving without and operator the in under the ‘Experimenteerwet’ (Dutch legislation on permit granting that regulates experimenting with self-driving cars, implemented by the Netherlands Vehicle Authority) in 2024. The experience gained from autonomous driving at the bus depot is necessary in order to obtain an exemption for driving op public roads from the Netherlands Vehicle Authority.

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